We are Musicians 1st:

  • Hostan (The Hawk)  H. Gouthier: I’m a Pianist – Lead Guitarist – Lead Vocalist – Composer
  • Toussaint Louverture H. Gouthier: Lead Bass Guitar – Drum – Sound Engineer who is also a Vocalist

Together we produced BEATS OF HELL VOL 1 the soundtrack of VICTUS VINCIMUS VETERANS REVENGE (V3).

The Beginning:

I was always the type who like to do, not wait and hope; I believe that this life is a precious gift that you should not sit around waiting for what is the next turn of events, call me impatient but I think we have the innate power to create our events and set any wheel in motion!

Creating MUSIC is also a gift from heaven, when I hear MUSIC in my sleep I get this feeling of pride and uniqueness, because I know what I’m experiencing, is not something that most are able to say; Hey it happened to me too!

MUSIC is sacred, it’s a moment of harmony between the Gateway (Me) and the Universe and I’m very protective of that moment and relationship; kind like how a father is to his son or daughter. The biggest challenge is to find the right people to join in this fellowship because the dynamics of a band is quite taxing, to say the least, so when you find that right person(s) it’s like being struck by lightning!

Well, lighting it did when I realized that this fellowship would be shared by no other than my son Toussaint Louverture H Gouthier!


So, I brought in the Guns/Musicians for hire via AIRGIGS.COM combined with the award-winning best Virtual Instruments system in the world (VI) EASTWEST (, combined with Toussaint’s keenness and great aptitude to anything digital, VOILA;  you got the Natural Record Studios Orchestra, a life savior because it expanded a universe of possibilities and creative potential.



EASTWEST is the #1 producer of virtual (software) instruments in the world. With clientele that spans the music, film, television, games, multimedia and performing arts, EASTWEST has led the industry for 30+ years and provides professionals with the very best music creation tools available. EASTWEST allowed us to do things with our productions that otherwise would have been costly or impossible, it also gives us full control with our creativity. When I hear Music at 4:00 AM, EAST WEST is there for me!


EastWest Hollywood Pop BrassEastWest Hollywood Backup SingersEastWest Minstry of Rock2

For example, as good as that drum VI might sound, realize it can never truly recreate the subtle nuances achieved by a live drummer. No matter how cool you think your EASTWEST ( sounds, it will never match compared to a master sitting behind the real thing who’s dedicated his whole life playing that instrument. There is nothing like the Human Touch, although EASTWEST ( is the closest to anything I’ve heard before. Either way, it all depends on the composer & producers, the verdict is EASTWEST is IT!


Music is an essential factor in our production, without it, there would not be a V3 because the story itself was created during one of my spiritual travels in MUSIC LAND!


Hostan (The Hawk) H. Gouthier