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Welcome to BEATS OF HELL'S "VICTUS VINCIMUS" Saga & Films You're entering into an unparalleled Virtual Reality dimension, in order to experience the most out of Victus Vincimus, here are a few important specs of this game. VR TESTED: HTC Vive GPU: NVidia

Beats of Hell Tales and Comics - Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge (Escape The Asylum) "This secret underground location named "The Asylum" or in military terminology, a black site is a location at which an unacknowledged black project is conducted."

BEATS OF HELL MUSIC OUR ENTIRE PRODUCTIONS CONSISTS OF 3 ELEMENTS THE FILM, THE MUSIC & THE GAME The Hawk’s beliefs are that the music is pure as it is an expression of the soul and the reality of this dimension we all

I'm Toussaint Louverture H.G a self-taught Home Schooled CGI/GAME Developer! As an artist, show business has always been an interest to me, predominantly Music & Movies largely in part due to my father's influence and vision, to me there was

Victus Vincimus - Veterans Revenge is a military action, science fiction drama depicting the emotional horrors of war, the anguish of separation. Meet Canadian Lieutenant Colonel H.H. Bishop, the Commonwealth's most astounding scoring aviator for WWI. Meet "Captain E. Ivory Johnson, a

"VICTUS VINCIMUS VETERANS REVENGE was inspired by true scientific facts and events. VICTUS VINCIMUS' energy and inspiration is fueled by war Veterans' courage and sacrifices throughout history!! "   Browse the great minds that guided our research below.  

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. - John Dewey An ideal "intelligent"  GAME, is a flexible, rational agent that perceives its ENVIRONMENT and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. METATRON CUBE Metatron's Cube, the "Fruit